New energy vehicles permanent magnet material cooperation mechanism was set up in Beijing...

January 8, the latest disclosure of the Ministry of Industry website shows that in order to strengthen the new energy vehicles, motor and rare earth permanent magnet materials and other industrial chain synergies, to promote joint research upstream and downstream enterprises, January 5, 2018, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Rare Earth Industry Association organized a meeting on the cooperation mechanism of upstream and downstream of rare earth permanent magnet materials for drive motors of new energy vehicles in Beijing. Beiqi New Energy, Yutong Bus, Geely Automobile, BYD Auto, North Rare Earth, Xiamen Tungsten, Harbin Institute of Technology and other representatives of more than 20 units attended the meeting....

Tuner on the smart robot, imitation cut under the road

Recall that in 2017, although the overall explosion of science and technology has ushered in, there is no doubt that the most attention is still the triumph of artificial intelligence. Under the multiple impetus of technological breakthroughs, market warming and policy landed, capital power has poured into the field of artificial intelligence. The major scientific and technological enterprises in the world have continued to increase their investment and are competing to strengthen their overall layout. Under the halo of artificial intelligence in 2017, Extremely bright....

By 2020 China‘s biomass heating will replace about 30 million tons of coal

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued with the National Energy Board, "on the promotion of biomass heat for the development of guidance", "opinions" clearly the biomass heat as an important measure to deal with air pollution and accelerate the biomass heat in the region Civil heating and small and medium-sized industrial park heating in the application of building a distributed green low-carbon clean and environmentally friendly heating system.

Arctic ice melting at an alarming rate 2040 may be completely ice-free existence

According to a report by Russian satellite network on May 5, a new report released by Arctic Council Arctic Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (AMAP) Working Group said that the Arctic is rapidly melting and may be completely ice-free by 2040. In the meantime, a study by the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom found that in Antarctica, ice melts at a rate of about one-third of its expected value.

The United States plans to build intelligent roads to reduce traffic accidents

Driverless vehicle technology is now more and more mature, the future of driverless cars will gradually into people‘s lives, in order to make people better use of driverless cars, the United States plans to build smart cars and smart cars to match Save energy and reduce traffic accidents.

Augmented reality technology makes the scene more realistic and widely used

AR technology can be used in the workplace, but also for entertainment purposes only. Factory workers can learn a new machine with a set of hands-on tutorials, architects can walk through the buildings they envision, and police officers can have different perspectives on crime scenes. At the same time, gamers can play on the battlefield directly in front of them instead of just staring at the screen.